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SOLD Deep apple green with GREAT TRANSPARENCY, 2.76ct.

Deep apple green to light spinach green natural (A-Type) jadeite cabochon. Even color, good luster, no cracks and finished with fine polish giving this magnificent jade a 'detail for finish.'

Great transparency, photos can't show how good this gems transparency is or how good it looks.' (When you shine light upon this jade you can see through it.)

Approximately dimensions are as follows: Oval shape 13.4mm length x 9.1mm width x 2.6mm deep and weight is 2.76ct  

Tone: Medium
Saturation: Strong
Hue: Apple Green
Clarity: Slightly Included




Jade is the gemstone associated with the birthstone month of March.

Jade is said to be have a balancing and harmonizing effect, banishing negative thoughts and rejuvenating the wearer during times of stress. In addition to this, Jade is also believed to increase body strength and longevity.

Gem reports Identification results:
Chemistry; Jadeite, NaAlSi2O6.                                                            
Crystallography; Monoclinic, though usually microscopic.                                       
Refractive Index; Jadeite 1.64 - 1.667.                                                                
Hardness; Jadeite 6.5 – 7                                                                                         
Specific Gravity; Jadeite 3.25 - 3.36.                                                                
Cleavage; None
Heat Sensitive; No                                                                                      
Wear ability; Excellent
Special Care Instructions; None 



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