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Unlike diamonds there is no one standard for color stone grading.  Therefore color stone grading is subjective.  One person's opinion may vary slightly compared to another person's opinion.

As part of the description, most of the gemstones listed have a description of its color and clarity. Color is described in terms of tone (brightness), saturation and one of 31 hue descriptions as used by the GIA.

Tones (lightness to darkness), shown here in blue are as follows:


Extremely Light

Very Light


Medium Light


Medium Dark


Very Dark

Extremely Dark


Saturation (shown here in blue) is an indication of how "strong" or "vivid" a color is. Saturation is listed as

Gray (dull)


Slightly Grayish

Very Slightly Grayish

Moderately Strong



Hues are described as the color itself:


Orangy Red

Red-Orange or Orange-Red

Reddish Orange


Yellowish Orange

Orangy Yellow


Greenish Yellow

Yellow-Green or Green-Yellow

Strongly Yellowish Green

Yellowish Green

Slightly Yellowish Green


Very Slightly Bluish Green

Slightly Bluish Green

Strongly Bluish Green

Green-Blue or Blue-Green

Very Strongly Greenish Blue

Greenish Blue

Very Slightly Greenish Blue


Violetish Blue

Bluish Violet


Bluish Purple


Reddish Purple

Purple-Red or Red-Purple

Strongly Purplish Red

Slightly Purplish Red


Clarity is a subjective term, however the following is how we describe clarity:

Opaque, meaning the stone will not transmit light through it.

Translucent, or cloudy, meaning that the stone transmits light on the edges, but you cannot see clearly through it.

Heavily Included, meaning that the stone is transparent, but the stone is littered with inclusions, which are very visible without magnification.

Moderately Included, meaning that the stone is transparent, but there are several inclusions, which are visible without magnification.

Slightly Included, meaning that the stone has some very minor inclusions which may be visible without magnification.

Very Slightly Included, or eye-clean, meaning that the stone has some very minor inclusions that are not readily visible without magnification. Some inclusions may be visible without magnification once you see them under magnification and know exactly where to look.

Very Very Slightly Included, meaning that the stone has some very very minor inclusions which are difficult to see under 10 power magnification.

Flawless, meaning that there are no inclusions visible under 10 power magnification.



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