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Gem Treatment

Radiation treatment
This treatment is done to change the color of the gem stones. Some gem stones have been radioactive after radiation treatment. The irradiated process to change the color of some gems is not stable / won't remain. (R.WEBSTER, Gems, fifth edition,) ''A recent examination of a green diamond treated with americium-241 oxide indicated that this stone was not only radioactive, but that it could not safely be worn until the year 5071."

Heat treatment
Please note a heated ruby or sapphire can have 400% less market value than a similar unheated ruby or sapphire. After all an untreated gem is one of Mother Nature's great gifts to humans. Approximately 98% of the rubies and sapphires found in the worlds markets are heat treated.

Sapphires before (left) and after (right) treatment.

A D-SDTC cut open to reveal the color of its depth

Beryllium treatment   
Unfortunately most labs don't have the very expensive equipment needed to detect a Beryllium treated gem stone, identifying Beryllium treated gems instead as simply heat treated. A Beryllium treated gem is worth significant less than a similar heat treated gemstone. Much of the worlds heated yellow and pink sapphire is in fact Beryllium treated.


  Following is part of a letter sent by the Queensland Sapphire Producers Association to Australian Prime Minister John Howard and Queensland Premier Peter Beattie:
"a significant proportion of sapphires offered for sale here in Australia have been chemically modified by a bulk diffusion process which principally used beryllium, but may also include other chemicals such as lithium and titanium. During a recent Canberra gem show, we were visited by scientists from the Australian National University who had heard of this process and were enquiring as to whether it was really true that this was done. These ANU personnel advised us that beryllium is not only a highly toxic material, but all the beryllium salts are known to be carcinogenic . As a result of this, the release of any beryllium or vaporized salts during the high temperature treatment process would have significant health consequences, and there was even some concern that the very small residual amount in the treated gemstone may have lasting health consequences ".

Emerald before (left) and after (right) treatment.

Fracture filling treatment
Filling the surface reaching fractures and surface cavities, pits with additives improves clarity and or color. Flux or glass can also be used in this process adding extra weight, (price) to the real gem stone, this adding of weight / price is unacceptable. Emeralds commonly have their surface reaching cracks filled with resins, oleoresins however with or without hardeners the treatment is not stable.

A Type Jadeite, (natural jadeite.)
A Type jadeite is untreated jadeite which may have wax applied to the surface. A type (natural jade,) has a market value more than 10 times than a similar piece of B type (bleach treated Jade) and more than 100 times market value than a similar piece of C type (color treated Jade.)

B Type Jadeite, (bleached Jadeite.)
B Type jadeite is jadeite which has been bleached to remove the iron staining and then impregnated with a polymer to stabilize the surface. Due to the bleaching process B type Jadeite may weigh less and be more brittle than a similar piece of natural untreated Jadeite. B type Jadeite is worth less than 10 times than a similar piece of A Type Jadeite (untreated jadeite.)  

C Type Jadeite, (colored Jadeite.)
C Type Jade has been impregnated with a color dye or had it's color changed / enhanced with a dye. C Type Jade has a market value of less than 100 times than a similar piece of A Type (natural Jade.)


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